Our service

Our team comprises of experienced web designers and software engineers providing a range of services from consultancy, development, through to maintenance and support.

We listen, engage, build and support your development, providing a holistic approach to web development.

Why choose us?

Web Engineer has a proven track record in software development and web-site design. Established in 2000, we have built successful business systems, improving performance measurements and providing an attractive return on investment.

We have designed and delivered marketing solutions that help attract and keep customers and administration solutions to automate and streamline business processes.

We take enormous pride in our work and our reputation for providing our clients with solutions that not only meet their needs, but are built to last. We are committed to delivering quality results, on time and budget, that’s why we’re used by agencies and enterprises internationally.

What we do

From startups to established businesses, from clothing, retail, television, production and real estate to insurance, from mobile solutions to large back office systems, we have a wide range of transferable skills and knowledge which we can bring to your business.

Who we are

Web Engineer is a full service web design and development agency that can help you exploit any of the established or emerging internet and network based technologies to grow your business. We work with you to identify the best approach that will give you what you need and boost your bottom line, decide on the best technology, design an elegant solution and then deliver a quality product that delivers the benefits. We partner with clients in a collaborative way to get the best result, in the quickest time for the best cost.


Every project starts with us investing time in understanding your business, what makes it successful, what challenges it faces and what opportunities you want it to take advantage of. When we begin to understand your business, we can be productive partners and give ourselves the best chance of designing and delivering the best solution for you.


We will share our experience and knowledge with you in a two way conversation to find the best solution for your business. We may challenge you along the way but that’s because we care and are passionate about getting it right.


At Web Engineer we are passionate about elegant designs that are well engineered and work beautifully. Systems that are poorly engineered and compromise the user experience will ultimately damage a business. A well engineered solution should be easy to understand, function well and look stunning - leaving your users with a positive experience.


We do not believe in delivering a product and then walking away. Because we are proud of our work, we will support and develop it so it continues to deliver the benefits you expect.

For information about our rates, see our rate card.